Dayspring Dairy, Sheep Milk Cheese & Caramel

An Alabama family farm handcrafting sheep milk cheeses and milk caramel.

Dayspring Dairy is Alabama's first sheep dairy and makers of sheep milk cheeses and sheep milk caramel.  We also handcraft True Ewe branded sheep milk caramel. 

True Ewe Caramel

What could be better?  Our rich sheep milk cooked slowly with raw turbinado sugar, and whole vanilla beans.  During the cooking process, the milk sugars caramelize to create a spreadable Dulce de Leche.   Lower in sugar than traditional caramel sauces, True Ewe Caramel provides the perfect balance of sweetness and creaminess. Enjoy it as a dip with apples and cookies.  Warm it to drizzle over your favorite ice cream and desserts. Spread it on a sandwich (PB & True Ewe!).  Enjoy it straight from the jar on a spoon!  The possibilities are endless.

Currently available in Original Vanilla Bean and Bourbon with more flavors on the horizon.



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