Dayspring Dairy, Sheep Milk Cheese & Caramel

An Alabama family farm handcrafting sheep milk cheeses and milk caramel.

Dayspring Dairy is Alabama's first sheep dairy and makers of sheep milk cheeses and sheep milk caramel.  We also handcraft True Ewe branded sheep milk caramel. 


We make all of our products by hand using milk exclusively from our own flock of dairy sheep that live on our farm.  This gives us the ultimate control of using only the freshest, highest quality milk possible and ensuring our sheep are raised and live humanely. 


We milk our ewes from February through September which provides subtle flavor changes throughout the milking season depending on the grasses growing in our pastures. 


The rolling pastures of our land,  located in the southernmost region of Appalachia along with our mild climate give our cheeses a sense of place.  Our sheep are raised and live on pasture year round, making them a key element in our unique terroir.  



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