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Dayspring Dairy is Alabama's first sheep dairy and makers of sheep milk cheeses and sheep milk caramel.  We also handcraft True Ewe branded sheep milk caramel. 

2019 Lambing Information and Lamb Sale
***UPDATE - SOLD OUT FOR 2019***

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Now accepting reservations for lambs!

Our milking flock of 100+ ewes will be lambing in early March.  We are expecting around 175 lambs and need to sell the boys (male Ram lambs) just as quickly as we can so we can focus on the ewe (female) lambs and production.  All lambs are fed colostrum for the first 24 hours and trained on a bottle.  Our lambs are all dairy breed crosses (East Friesian, Lacaune, Awassi, and Gulf Coast Native).   
Photographers:  We can reserve select lambs suitable for Easter portrait sessions.  Pricing for photo lambs starts at $75.

2019 Lamb Pricing:
1 to 3 days old - $25 each ($20 each for 4 or more lambs purchased)
4 days to 1 week old - $30 each
2 weeks - 3 weeks old - $50 each
Weaned (about 4 - 6 weeks old weighing 20-25 pounds) - $70 each 

The majority of lambs are due March 1-5, 2019. For newborn lambs, please plan to pickup during this time frame. We will be in contact with you in February to make arrangements.

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