Dayspring Dairy, Sheep Milk Cheese & Caramel


Dayspring Dairy is Alabama's first sheep dairy and makers of sheep milk cheeses and sheep milk caramel.  We also handcraft True Ewe branded sheep milk caramel. 

Why Sheep?  The difference is in the milk...

Many customers are surprised to learn that we milk sheep.  Throughout the ages, sheep have been prized not only for their wool but also for milk. Sheep milk is much richer than cow or goat's milk.  It contains more protein, minerals, and healthy fats making it an excellent choice for cheesemaking.  The milk is also much more easily digested with few allergenic properties.  Our sheep milk is consistently sweet and nutty because the sheep are picky eaters, avoiding the weeds while picking out tender grasses and clover.  Sheep milk cheeses, including Roquefort, Pecorino, Manchego, and Feta are renowned the world over for their exquisite flavor and variety. 


We embrace the seasons!  

Every season brings something new to Dayspring.  In an era where we expect foods to be available all year round tasting exactly the same from month to month, we embrace the fact that our cheeses are the exact opposite.  Only certain cheeses are available each month and the subtle flavors change throughout the milking season depending on the grasses growing in our pastures.   We also don’t have milk year round like some might think.  Our ewes lamb each year in late winter and are milked for only 8 months.  We start milking in late winter and begin making our aged cheeses that take several months to mature.   By late spring and summer, our flock is busy devouring the lush pastures filled with clover and fescue grasses.   This bounty of grass produces lots of delicious milk keeping us busy making fresh cheeses for our farmer’s markets.  The ewes dry off in early autumn and breeding begins.  Winter brings a well deserved break for the sheep, their shepherd, and the cheese makers as we wait on lambs to arrive once again. 


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